We are part of an organized team that has been in contact with government agencies in Puerto Rico and USA at the state and federal levels. Our group has also been in contact with administration or leading medical staff in ASEM, HoPU, CDT Fajardo, among others.

Our team successfully sent a shipment of 15,000 pounds medical of supplies, gifted by the Yale-New Haven Hospital, to Puerto Rico and we have confirmation that the materials have reached the people in need. Our team can help coordinate sending shipments from anywhere in the US you are if we come together to combine efforts.

Your first steps should be to collect all donations then weigh the cargo. The only two things we will initially ask you when you call us for help is WEIGHT and LOCATION. Without weight of the cargo and location we can't continue the process in an efficient manner. Once you have these then it is a matter of being able to deliver the supplies to the airport in a moment's notice.

Ship Supplies

Our team can help coordinate sending shipments from anywhere in the US you are if we come together to combine efforts. See below for more information.

Donate Money

We have a paypal account set up for donations: CLICK HERE


We have set up a facebook page with updates and information. CLICK HERE


The following list of needed medical supplies prepared by:
Melvin Bonilla Félix, M.D.
Professor and Chairman
Department of Pediatrics
University of Puerto Rico
Updated as of: 9/30/17


  • Vancomycin
  • Zosyn
  • Cefotaxime/Ceftriaxone
  • Meropenem/Imipenem
  • Ampicillin
  • Gentamicin
  • Amikin
  • Amphotericin B
  • Clindamycin
  • Acyclovir


  • Suture kits
  • Suture removal kits
  • Nylon Sutures 3.0/4.0/5.0/6.0
  • Vicril 3.0/4.0 with needle

Special Formulas:

  • Suplena
  • Nepro
  • Peptamen JR
  • Complete Ultrapak
  • Boost Kids
  • Pedialyte


If you have medical supplies:

  • Organize them into closed, individually sealed and labeled boxes. 
  • For large shipments, put them on pallets 48” high.
  • If possible 40 x 48” in length and width.  
  • Organize ground transportation to a port or airport within 6 hours’ travel time of your location.

Then create a registry as follows:

  • Name of the medication
  • Quantity and Units, if applicable
  • Weight of the cargo
  • Retail Value
  • If possible: Lot #, NDC# and expiration date

Once you have the supplies and information ready we need you to send it to us in an e-mail as follows:
• The subject of the e-mail should say Medical Shipment.
• In the first line of the e-mail only write the city and state the shipment is being kept at.
• Attach a spreadsheet registry with the information I detailed previously.
• The e-mail should be signed by a contact person with phone number and e-mail, and an alternate contact person with phone number and e-mail.

We are working off the e-mail puertorriquenos.connecticut@gmail.com. It is important to send it in the exact format we mentioned to help us be efficient and organized.

Keep your cell phones close by. We will contact you as flights or ships become available. Our team is working directly with many organizations, including the Puerto Rico Rises, the grassroots movement that the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration has designated to help organize donations across the United States. I encourage you to work with your own institutions and local organizations to help take more of these successful shipments to the Island.

Our people need us, and in this time of crisis we have to act fast. Thank you to all those doctors and volunteers who have reached out to offer help. God bless.