Eyelid Reconstruction

Dr. Sierra performs eyelid reconstruction most commonly to repair defects and damage to the eyelid that has resulted from trauma or removal of eyelid tumors. Some more superficial eyelid defects that occur after minor trauma or removal of small growths only require a few sutures and proper wound care to properly heal. With more significant traumatic injuries or removal of larger growths or skin cancers, larger defects may course through the entire lid. Sometimes these wounds can be sutured together directly, but many others may require more complex reconstructions. In more complex cases, Dr. Sierra may need to create “flaps” to transfer closely adjacent tissues or transfer skin “grafts” from other parts of the eyelid, face or body to complete the reconstruction. In instances where the eyelid reconstruction is particularly complex, Dr. Sierra may need to perform multiple surgeries in a “staged reconstruction” in order to get the best results.