Kybella® Chin Lift for Saggy Double Chin

Having a double chin can make you look older than you are. A “double chin” refers to the fatty tissue under the chin sagging down and making it appear as if you have a second chin. Some family heredity facial characteristics and structures seem to predispose them to more readily store excess fat in the chin area, and others naturally store excess fat. Age is another cause. As you age, you lose muscle. Age, loss of muscle tone in the neck and chin areas and weight gain are also factors that can create a double chin. A double chin is a common facial area of concern and a source of self consciousness or embarrassment for many patients. If you are aware of or are bothered by a double chin, Dr. Sierra might suggest Kybella® to address reducing the older heavier look and help provide an overall balanced and harmonious facial appearance.

Kybella® is a non-surgical injectable treatment we can use to reduce moderate and even severe fat in the chin area to address the appearance of a "double chin." The injection contains a naturally occurring molecule which eats away at fat cells but leaves all other cells unaffected, healthy and intact. Over time, the injected areas shrink to match the rest of the face and neck. Kybella® can be used alone or as part of a “liquid facelift.” Your non-surgical Kybella® procedure will be quite short in comparison to most treatments, only taking around 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Because it is so quick and convenient, it is considered a “lunchtime procedure,” a treatment that patients can get in while on their lunch breaks before returning to work, with no downtime needed.